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what do you think a tree can be? can it bstronger than steel? caa treaty by a degradable plastic? can it be fu for our cars, or othing, or medicine that fights cancer? withur tree cell technology, we think itan. weyerhaeusergrowing ideas. >> this week on "iide waington," the massacre a fort hood. were there warning signs about the alleged shooter? >> the republin renaissance
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has begun. >> two big statewide winds for republicans and coressional victoriesor democrats. as unemploent hits double digits, what are ters telling ? >> where are the jobs? >> kill the bill. >>lso, a big opposition te party on pitol hill as the house votes ohealth care form. >> a they going to lten? oh, yeah up, they are goingo listen. captioned by the national captionininstitute >> a u.s. army psychiatrt trained toreat soldiers suffering from stress, himself facing deployment to a war zone, on thursday openedire on fellow soldiers. when the shooting stopped, more than a dozen peoe have been
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lled and more than two den wounded. what motivated this doctor, trained in medicine by by the military, to do ts sort of thing, and was the army aware that he was a nger? >> he apparently became disgruntled the mission in iraq and ahanistan and voiced that to a lot ofis colleagues. >> at least sixonths ago, major nidal hasan came to the attentn of law enrcement offials because of h internet posting comparing suicide bombers to soldiers w saved their dies by throwing themselves on grenes. his aunt, who livesn falls church, virgin, told "the washington post" that he had complained about being harasd for his muslim faith four ars afr 9/11 and had trieto get out of the ar. it was also reportedl upset out his upcoming deployment iraq and abouthe american military presee in iraq and afanistan. officials have not ruled on the possibility thate was working
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for some unidentified radil group -- haveot ruled it in, either. evan, what more can we say? >> i cringe that he is a muslim. i think he's probabljust a nut ca. but witthatabel, it in ames the rht wing and it just makes it mu worse. >> colby, there danger of erreaction? >> not yet. the army has explaing to do. this indivual has a record of being disgruntled, and the question is whatid they do when they knew about it? to he a mical professional, a psychiaist, going to a fality and killing people ke that takeshe question of why the hell was he the. why die keepim with the rerds we are learning of right now? the army has a lot of explaining to do. >>ina? >> we will talk a lot thimore
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in ainute, but theilitary has been plaguedith fficulties. ey don't have enough ll qualified ople. the way they treat people as been problematic,ecause of the questions about condentiality. this is just an extension of that, and i'm sure will find out that peoplmade mistakes. but nothing is perfect in ts life. really is tragic that he was a muslim -- he is a musm. >> mark >> i don't have the answers your quesons, but it is a very grave reminr that fort hood, texa home of 65,000, families, soldiers, all the first wolfrey a large parts of the fourth infantr division, -- first cavalry and large parts of the fourthnfantry division, that all the sacrifices being born by thiless than 1/2 of
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1% of americans in uform, and as consequence, the multiple tours of duty, some up to four or five times, it does ntribute to the customer expressed his ordernd to the inedible -- posttraumat stress disorder ando the incredle pain and sacrifice these people are makg. >> [unintelligible] >> no, i understan that. but i think it is a reminder to the rest of us that the war is so of abstraction -- >> it is true that suicide rat are going uandhat is disturbi, but is sll below the tional average. the milita still has low rates of murder-suicides than thnational average, so we have to be carefulot to get too excited about it. >> hindsight is aays a difficult thing t opera under. on npr wreported on friday at this guy had gen a lecture abo what muslims might think and thatort of transgressed over the line int
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beingpparently a pselytizers sang that youhould cut off the head. so alarmed other musls in his audience that afterwardthat there were some halfoking sayi, "i wonder if he wl go postal start shoing people." >> tt is my questn -- where there danger signs tha the army chose to ignorbecause of th shortage of ople? >> l's limit it to this individual, the dger signs in this individua the thgs heaid, and why warrant those instances instigated? or mbe they were and we do not ow what happened. i think it is important to limi this tohose who were rectly involved, and not to generalize beyond that based o his name to anybody who is a musm. >> theast guy you tnk would go bust would ben army
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physicn. >> but am not married to a doctor a there are crazy docts, too. not the one you are marri to. what dyou make of the non- ruff election in afghastan? abdullah abdullah drped out, beeving that this onwould be as corrupt as e old one. what do you make of that? >> well -- barack obama has a problem. that isn understatement. >> he has an afghan govement that is an unworthy partner. he has karza who is -- whose brother is arook, corrupt involved in e hern busess. he has tmake a decision about what general mcchrystal has
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recommended, and all signs indicate that weillee something ong the lines of mcrystalite, wch is noto give t 40,000 troops by -- >> it reminds me of 72 in south etnamhen the presint ran for reelection, only ther was nobodto rungainst him, that slan w "choose the one, the only one." >> can you have confince in karzai's government? >> it is diminishing on the part of the british. pre minister gordon brown made clear that the troops -- >> by a sile military officer -- sound familia >> that there were cerin tests that had been met and probably cannot be met by this afan gornment of corption and opness and reform. but it is a way of great britain leaving afghanistan. >> well, gordon browsaid this
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weeken that he is not leaving, that there is commitment tt they cannot walk away from. >> election 2009. >> it is very car that the voters of this commonwlth have rejeed the policies coming out of the whi house and t congress. >> it would be helpful if thosehose policies created the mess and theirst boston not critique how w were pulli the cut out of the dutch and stead helps push. >> that is congressmanric cantor and david axelrod, the president'adviser. republicans nt in virginia and new jery despite the president's lastinute campgning. as e president lost his magic touch, or does the economy trump every issue on theoard? what are votertelling us, mark? >> they are telling us in 2009
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whathey told us in -- 2006 in 2000 a thewant the ins out and outs in. there is a theory not only at -- fury not only a wasngton a the way thin are done, but a companion hostility towards wall street. u have both of that goi, and they dnot see change. they voted f change two tis in a row and they see the se old same old still operating here. i don't think theres any questi that is a wning signal f 2010 for incumbents. >> crles krauthammer, whoits where yosit, says tt there were no obama coattails and that we have been misrdinghe results of the 2008 election, and that is the fundantal
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causof the debacle of 2009. i would pnt out to trust th there were 5 million more amican vots in 2008- t charles that there were 5 llion more americanoters in 2008 than in 2004. 2 million more hpanic voters, 2 million mo african-american voters, 800,000 were asian voters. the biggest increase was among voters 18 to 24. they are not going away, charles. >> he is not en here - >> let me just -- hold this just charles is notere, he will be back next week, but he will b >>-- but he is on e cover of "nation review." harles krauthammer has been one of america most important opinion journalists for abt 25 years no but since january 20, 2009, his fame, reac and populari has burgeoned. that is because he has been brilliant cric of obama. >> let me just say a couple of
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little facts. mark, sitting inharles's place, is right about this. the virginia race, a 51% of the vot in virnia, the actual vote -- those folks had ved for mccain that means that the obama vote simply did not turn ou this was a perfect storm -- a ally well-run republican campaign at the p of the tick, o weakemocratic candide, and no turnout. >> was this a referdum on obama? >> they say no. the white house says good jockeybad horses -- the horses being a jon corzine and creigh deeds. theaces turned on not just the economy, b on ste and local races a wel
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obama's pularity happens to be the same as it was before those races. they did not have particularly strong candidates. both of tm went to the race very wk and they nev gained muchraction. >> democrats in trouble, evan? >> since charles isot here, let mery to play his role, mely. he does have a poin the idea tha the country has moved left-of-center iregarded by tse results. the republican pty is still t doing -- is rebutted by these results. the republican party i still not ing well. but independes have moved republican. when the economys doing well, people did not lked for government for a solution, but lo for it somewhere else. people are pretty ary, though.
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majority of vors in new jersey and virginia said that obama didot enter into their vote. >> ty elected a, a year ago for change we can believe in. they expected that the towne in washington wod be better. has that happened? you canlame republicans or whoeverou want, but it has not happened. getting things don -- has that happened? ifhe democrats don't get the healthare bill done, they are signg a suicide pact r 2010. >>ut you cannot talk about tuesy without talking about the rd district in new york. republican since the civil war and it went democratic. you could point toepublican fratricide --epublicans did themselves in fighting over ideology. nertheless, that seat when
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democratic and that is something the democrats can int to. >> there is another one in california. >> joharamendi kt ellen tauscher's seat. let's get that strght. >> but l's not forgethe basic fact here. it is all about the economy. there are signs that e economy is recoverin but the jobless rate continues toise at week's end, we learned that it is 10.2%. ford mor co. did not take government bailout money and made a profit. none of which ease the minds of voters i virginia annew jersey, colby. >> the economy istill the top issue withoters. as jes carville said, 's the ecomy, stupid. e economy is going well on wall street. main street is where it is missing, where people are still in pain. >> in 1993,epublicans won in new jersey d vginia, and
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afr that, 73 republica were elected to the house of the representatives. if the jobless rate does n improve, will we see the same results in 2010? >> probably not. unlike 14, republicans have learned something. -- aike 1994, in comments have learned something. unlike 14, incumbents have learned something. they will not b caught unawares and they will rae money. but the i are in troublen 2010, and publicans are emboldened by what hpened on tuesy. in reality, does it mean anything? iteans something psychologically. republics get a lt in terms fund-raising, a lift anthe terms ofandidate recruitnt -- someboddecides to run because looks better. party morale is lifted. >> i d'think it will have a big swing one way or the other because pple cents a basic truth, that governmentas no
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icks left in its back othe economy. the left wl notpend more money, because the defic is by histic standards up there. peopleon't want the deficit t go on the other hand, ty will not rae taxes either. excuse me, they arnot going tout taxes. govement is so of power lies and it is as if peopleust live withhis. -- paralyzed and is as if they will just live with this. >>f you are a democrat a republicanistrict -- >> you suld be going to t place ofour faith every day and start crying that the unployment rate -- praying thathe unemployment rate stts going down. republans are at an all-tim low i their approval rating people d't think a lot ofhe republicanarty. ere was a fabulous campaign i virginia tha was rather a
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typica and in new jersey,on corzine w mumentally unpular. but yo have to run on alternative, and people willo to the altnative -- you have to have an alternative and people will go to the alternative even if they don't like the party if the unemployed rate is still 10.2% yeafromow, democrats are in trouble. >> unemployment rates lag. the is nothing the government can do about i >> wt is it going to take to reenergize the voters wh ce for obama in 2008? >> i suspe one of the things that will energize em will be opponents. the person that ll run against obama. that was some of the case a year ago as -- someone to the case a year ago asell. the still have to put somebody inho will be formidable. but th democrats hava real serious problem they don't heny wiggle room
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now. yo cannotalk about ather stimulusackage. they jusdon't have room f that. >> you are talking about 2012 with a presideial candidate. that is the problem with 2010, no presidential caidate. >> let missent. demoats have to do the following -- show peopl that they've made a differen, addressed me of the problems -- health care. then they have to rn all their attention andfforts to the economy. the deficit is not a voting issue. i'm sorry, i've heard about it for 50 years. people are going toote on jobs. democrats better be seen as caring andn doing at accomplishing sometng on increang jobs. >> we still have toalk about heth care. >> ts bill is the greatest that to freom i have seen in the 19 yrs i have been in washington. taking away your freedom to choose your doct.
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>> everything you needo know about e difference between the democratic bill d the republan bill is that the reblicans do not end the health iurance companies discrimination against peoe with pre-isting emissions. >> we are expting a house vote on health carsometime this weekend,ina. >> docrats will not bring it up unless they have the votes, and they seem to think ty do haveheotes. one of the provisions ishis stupid abortion provision. they haveo pase the liberals and appease thblue dogs. >> on the abortion, the president is on record that going to be the status quo, hyde amendment language,nd it is not that language right now, d about 40 democrats in th house are sang that we will not be with y unless it is
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changed back. there a other moving parts. i think theyill get the votes. obously, they will not bring it up for a vote and lose. th would be unaeptable, a fal blow. but the real question beyondhe house is what abt the senate, where senate mority leader rry reid announced this ek that they may not vot until januy? i think that would be devastatingly damaging to the prospects of passing -- >> they want a secondugust in december. >> the mosweakest, mt irresolute ader the democrats have had. he is the one who announced we would have a bill, a public opon, the one who is now waffling and backing off, and did thesehings without consultation, anhe is doing it with hiswn reelection prospects in mind. you could not have a weaker
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majority leader. >> we are seeing bertng pains. >> they need to se the white house get involved, too. >> the white houseannot afford to lose this. >> idefense of harry rei there was a decision in january after senator joe lieberman spoke of the republican convention and campaign for the republican nominee and criticize the democratic nominee for president, and came back tohe democric caucus, andnstead of bei stripped of his chairmanship, the white house insisted, and sena reid went alonwith it, to give him that his seniority. -- give hiback his seniority. >> what do you tnk when you hear joh boehner said that ts is the greatest threat to freedom've seen in the 19 years i've beein washington? how do you respond to that >> that is why replicans have
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belowupport in the country. they had a great victy. >> no, but republica support is lowest i deces, and john ehner is the reason. its just silly. that speaks to the yahoos but not the general public. >> i do not see lot of republican support. the ap and ama is there. >> all full ye since he has been elected, and no evidence that president obama is willg to stick u to a hard-won and stick his neckut -- >> what would yohave him do? >> on alth care, he has to get harry reid up there and int --o an lbj and twist some arms. that is not who he is. >>he toughness that is required
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the doubt about psident obama has be his spine -- what is i made of? it made of sel or something more porous? there is a realest at this int. the aa and ama do rebut certai argumentsade by critics. aarp, represent all amecans - -- repsenting older americans -- medicare was going to be set touched by this bi -- no, says the aar th problem with republicans is that theyon't have anything to say. >> obama does need t be very clear about what he wants, n what he wants harry id to do. he asked to have the same conversations withembers of the senate, democraho are waffli. >> for example, at the moment, the immigrati questn, his language is totally acceptable
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the blue dogsnd republicans, for that matter, but the hispanic caucusoes not like it anis threatening t revolt. you have to get the people in and just say, "i need you now, and if you want things for me in the future, you have to help me on this." you have to be very tough about it. the demrats have not sd some the stuff in the bill very well. the potical operation is difficult to comprehend. it took a republican fo fritort provision andut it in te ll. >> how muchf this strategy and how much of it is th he does not want to come in? >> great question. don't know thenswer. but wated his numbers on get things done, a strong and forceful leader, decline precipitouslsince april. >> that is not just on heth care. when you look o afghanistan, no
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one wants to accushim of dithering, but at some point he has got to me a call. how many times are youoing to take things ba to th drawing boarto slice and de questions? he has got to make a call. his mmander-in-chief and he has to say what heants. >> i would give him time. thats such hard problem my inclinati is tgive them as much time as he needs, but at the end of the day heas to decide all i canay is it is not easy being charles. >> see you next ek. for a transcriptf this broadct, log on to
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